Monday, December 22, 2008

From Carrots to Cookies

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't keep up with the creative energy of your child? I wish I had the imagination of a 5 year old! Here is a sampling of his plans from one day last week:
-He wanted to “fish for squirrels.” He had the idea to tie a string to a carrot, and put it outside the door and see if a squirrel would come along. That was pretty easy to manufacture. The ultimate goal was that we would capture it for a pet while it was happily munching the carrot. He sat there for quite a long time. We called out to the squirrels, but none came.

-He wanted to build a new kind of tent in his room. I helped him set up the poles the way he directed me, and we draped blankets over them, but they fell over.
-Then he wanted to play a pirate game. He got into his typical pirate costume, which includes a name tag and goggles, and I was able to sort of keep up. He lost me about the time the other pirates at the pirate meeting kicked us out of the ship building club.
-He drew a picture of an invention that would brush his teeth and put on his pajamas. He drew up some blueprints, which strangely enough included a carrot. He wanted us to build it. He said we'd need a lot of wood. That's when my eyes glazed over.
So I suggested something that would allow him to be creative but also something that I actually knew how to do. We baked and decorated sugar cookies. 

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