Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Report: Zoo Beauty

We told the kids we were going on a field trip. I love surprising them. Although I can only guess at how much my daughter was surprised, she did have a certain light in her eyes. Before we left, I asked Walter if he wanted to choose pants and put them on. He's a new but enthusiastic member of the "do it myself" club, and he put on a great pair of shorts. Hmm. Because he had no idea where we were going, I decided not to say anything and just took along a pair of warm pants which he requested as soon as we arrived.

As we wandered around, we saw things like this:

Seeing such things caused me to think two things:

1. Wow this is beautiful and amazing!

2. Sheesh, if the zoo can do all this, surely I can muster the energy to find the extension cord so that I can finally plug in the wreath that's been hanging dark on my porch for two weeks.

Walter saw reindeer, model trains, various animals, and he decorated a cookie.

He even hugged a tree.

Goose girl really enjoyed the lights. Though she looks a little dazed in this picture, trust me, she was just amazed.

She was enthralled watching the dolphin show.

On the way home Walter was melancholy. He often feels sad when fun things end. No matter how much we encourage him to think of the fun time he had, he can't seem to let go of the sadness that it's over. I was much the same as a child, and sometimes these days as well. I can only tell him I understand, hug him, and allow him to work it out for himself. That, and feed him ice cream, which we stopped to eat on the way home!


Natalie said...

Those lights are beautiful. So are the kiddos! :)

Carol said...

I LOVE the tree hugging picture. :) I hope we can find a time to make it to the zoo before the holidays are over. Does it run through New Year's? (if so, I can coordinate it with an upcoming sleep study :)

Sarah R said...

Those are really pretty pictures! It looks fun. We, too, hope to make it over there!