Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Can Do Almost Anything While Holding My Baby

If I need to carry Sylvia for a long period of time, I usually wear her in a sling, like this day when we went to the pumpkin patch.

But over the last few months, she has entered into the separation anxiety phase of her development. She wants to be held. A lot. So I hold her as much as I can. She spends lots of time playing on the floor too, but for a large percentage of our time, I hold her in my left arm.

I can nurse and walk at the same time.

I can hold her and do laundry.

I can hold her for 2 hours while I stand outside with Walter, monitoring his cookie-selling business.

I can hold her while I decorate for Christmas.

Last week at the post office, after standing in line for a very long time, an elderly gentleman told me that he wouldn't want to arm wrestle me.

My husband has several days off work, and so last Friday we took the kids bowling. For most of the time, he held her while I bowled, but she was fussy and wanted me. So I bowled with her on my hip. 

The truth is, I know this phase won't last long. I'm enjoying it while I can. It seems though, that no matter how much I try to savor this time, it is still passing by anyway. I take heart in knowing that even 5 year olds still wants a snuggle now and then.


Ms. Moon said...

And that is why my right hip hurts ALL the time.
But you know what? It was worth it.
Have you tried putting her in the sling on your hip? That's how I carried my youngest for about a year.

Corinne said...

I love it :) So worth it!

My son, now two, used to be like that. Most of the pictures that have been taken of me in the past two years include a child hanging onto one of my hips!

They grow up so fast. Love your blog - just came across it from reading comments on Playgroups are no place for children.