Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Guy Had A Birthday

My husband turned 31 this weekend. 31! It's kind of wild to think that I've loved him for nearly half our lives.

Friday we went to the Children's Museum, and stayed from the time it opened until it closed, and then went out to dinner. 

Saturday and today were a whirl of cake decorating, Uno, relatives on my couch, dinner out, and lots of fun.

I've been with him for 15 wonderful birthdays. It's rather amazing how a person can still learn new things about someone after that long. I never would have guessed that he'd pick orange icing for his cake.


Carol said...

Names are erased to protect the innocent...Happy Birthday ____! :)

p.s. cute cake!

Myssie said...

Happy Birthday to the Husband that shall remain nameless!!

Lora-a beautiful birthday always!!