Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Mom is Better at Sharing

I have a childhood memory of my mom carrying a book and a small plate of crackers with butter spread on them. Obviously she was getting ready to relax with her snack and a good read. I had never seen crackers with butter. I walked up to her and said they looked good.

She gave me the plate. She just handed over her entire snack.

I don't recall if she made herself more or just sat down. Either way, I remember that she gave me all of her snack. I remember the way the crackers slid around on the plate as I took it from her.

Snacks are a very important part of my day.  Snacks are the way to my heart.

It stuck with me, this snack donation of my mom's.

She's still a giver. A giver of food, of gifts.

One of my favorite things that she gives these days is her time to my children. When she visits, or when we visit her, she gets down on the floor and plays. She pays attention. She listens to the stories only a preschooler can tell, she reads them long books. She takes them on walks when they need fresh air.

And she laughs with them.

She has a fabulous laugh.

I have a fabulous mom.


Carol said...

You have an awesome momma! I remember when she moved to Bainbridge and I got to know the person behind that beautiful smile. Your kids are blessed to have such a warm, caring grandma!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh my. Such a good post for me to read today.
Thank you for saying that because I want to be a grandmother like that.

Sarah R. said...

I will have to agree! :) She is a wonderful, loving person.

Corinne said...

What a sweet post, and a sweet Grandma!