Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Egg Blowing

I love decorating blown eggs. I decided to introduce the craft to Bee. He chose an egg and I washed it thoroughly.

Then I got a pin and carefully poked a hole in each end of the egg.
Every year I think I will be able to blow the white and yolk out of the pin hole. I never remember, and end up with a red face and a headache. This year was no different.

So after that failed, I got a nail. I slowly chipped away at the pin hole until the nail could fit in.

My hands look so much like my grandma's, it's unreal.

Then, fresh from a bath, he got busy blowing out the egg. The purple scorpion ring is optional.

It was very exciting when the yolk started coming out.

After the egg is completely empty, wash it again. I like to rinse the inside too. I just fill it with water and shake it and then blow that water out too.

I'm not sure how well this paint will stick, but it's the only kind we had and he really wanted to paint it rather than draw on it.


He loves it so much that we packed it up and he took it to school for show and tell. I have a feeling we'll make another one today.


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