Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Much Zoo Fun!

We love our zoo. We have a membership, and since it's only an hour away we go frequently. I'll try not to post pictures from every trip, but this one was special because we went with friends.

My friend KT and I met in childbirth class. When our babies were about 5 months old, they moved into a house that is a short 5 minute walk from ours. KT's daughter and my son have been friends since infancy, and it's a friendship that I'm so grateful for. Their friendship as well as KT's and mine. There is a part of me that she just completely understands.

So anyway, yesterday was a warm day and we went to the zoo.

Shark petting.

We had some lunch near the playground.

My boy really enjoyed the ducks. Especially this brave one here on the ledge.

Two great girls and two great big rhinos.

We saw many more animals, played several games, watched a dolphin show, and tried to squeeze in some conversation where we could. It was a good day, and it exhausted us like any good zoo trip should.



Ms. Moon said...

Wow. I can't even imagine having such a zoo nearby when my babies were little.
And if there is anything cuter than a meerkat, I have no idea what it might be.
Oh wait- your children.

Lora said...

Aww thank you! I do love our zoo, it's huge and the number and variety of animals is amazing. We never get tired of it. I feel very lucky that it's only an hour away.

Emily said...

So much fun! We have so many great memories of this zoo (we have not been to a zoo since we moved).

It will soon be baby lemur season. They are so much fun to watch! Have fun!

Anonymous said...