Friday, April 10, 2009

The Fallout

So I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got a speeding ticket while I had my kids in the car.

Since kids process what is happening in their lives through play, there have been a lot of tickets issued in this house since the incident.

My son has always enjoyed police play. From around age 3, he would chase me around on his bike while I rode his scooter, and he'd make a siren sound and pull me over. That game fell by the wayside, but with his newfound writing ability and the fascinating speeding ticket for inspiration, he has become a boy with a mission. His mission? To write as many speeding tickets as possible.  They say "Bad Fast."

Here is a sampling of tickets that my husband and I received over the course of 2 days. Just 2 days! I didn't even save all of them from that time period. (Click on the picture to see them closer.)

This one is my favorite. I love how he put the A and D of BAD inside the B.

I also like this one a lot. Look at that curlicue on the D!

It sure makes it difficult to put it all behind me!



Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like you have provided your son with a real learning opportunity! Those tickets are works of art.

Myssie said...

That is so funny!! Bee is doing great with his writing...they are growing up so fast...make them stop!!!!!!