Sunday, April 5, 2009

She Partied

Yesterday afternoon we hosted my daughter's first birthday party. She is not yet one year old, thank goodness! We still have until Thursday to get used to that idea.

On Friday I made her cakes.

We had lovely weather for her party, sunny and in the 60s.  She put on her party dress and waited for our guests.

We had a small number of family and friends over, and first we visited and had some snacks. Then it was cake time.

She did not understand blowing out the candle. I had only practiced with her once. So I quickly blew it out, and one of her cousins helped too.

She enjoyed playing with it for a while.

When she got a taste, then she worked so hard to figure out how to get it all in her mouth.

While she did that, the rest of us inhaled the other cake. My guy said that it should have ducked. He suspects fowl play.

After cake, she opened some wonderful presents.

We finished the day playing outside.

I can barely believe that her first birthday party is now a memory. But it's a happy memory and so time marches on and before I know it it will be her new cousin who is having a first birthday party. For now I'll savor what's left of my baby being 11 months old.



Corinne said...

What a beautiful day! I love your daughters dress, she's too cute :)

And you made the cakes??? Very impressive! You did a lovely job!

Joany said...

I'm so sad that we had to miss it! She looked darling in her dress and your cakes were amazing as always.