Monday, April 6, 2009

Standing is Exciting!

My teeny tiny girl suddenly seems a lot bigger.

Today, completely out of the blue, she stood up from a sitting position. The first time she did it I thought it was going to be a one time thing. But then she continued to do it, one time right after the other. I got out the camera and took some video. I recorded about 10 solid minutes of her doing nothing but standing and falling, standing and falling. I wondered if she was going to take a step, so I didn't want to stop recording. But she didn't take any steps today. Standing is exciting enough!

See for yourself. My husband edited out most of my shrieking and repeated gushing. I couldn't help it, I was super proud. Even watching this, I feel my eyes get teary.



Natalie said...

I love how her legs are in such a wide stance. She's adorable. Happy birthday Goose!

Ms. Moon said...

What a milestone! How beautiful she is and how happy with her achievement!

Sofia said...

What an exciting time!!! So many things to master... and she is doing it beautifuly... I love how she smiles with her new discovery. What a cute girl!! Congratulations!!!! :)

Carol said...

How sweet! She's getting to be a big girl. Who was more proud, mama or baby?

Lora said...

Thanks everyone! She is so fun. Today she is practicing some more. I'm so excited for those first steps!