Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's The Camping Life For Me

We went camping this past weekend with family, at Spring Mill State Park. I dearly love Spring Mill.

We arrived at the campground and sat around for a while. This girl is walking, but still prefers to crawl, so she crawled around in the dirt and by the end of the first day her legs were like chocolate covered almonds.

People other than me made dinner, which was a blessing in itself. My sister-in-law made some delicious cornbread, and my husband cooked it over the campfire. Is this not the most Americana cornbread you've ever seen?

After dinner, Papaw had a special treat for the kids. They helped him make pudding, and he squeezed it into ice cream cones.

My son's favorite part was roasting marshmallows.

He roasted them in the afternoon with Nana.

He roasted them in the evening with dada.

He even roasted them in the morning after breakfast by himself.

But back to that first night. We played a lot of this game:

It's a ball on a stick that we hit with paddles. It provided endless laughs, as the ball bonked us on our heads or got stuck in the tree.

The next day we had breakfast and spent more time lounging around by the fire. Then we went to visit Pioneer Village.

. Here is the mill, with its moss covered water wheel:

I bought some fresh ground cornmeal. We put our feet in that freezing cold stream.

Every time I visit this village, which is about once a year, it causes a great clenching in my heart. It makes me want to sell off all my belongings and buy a loom. To build a cabin and live simply in the woods with my family. To cook using all cast iron and to make my own shoes. But then I remember the internet. I do love my life just as it is. But simplicity is always a good thing to me. I strive for it.

My son and I left the others behind while we walked on a path we found. We saw a large waterfall, and a cave. I loved that quiet moment with him, holding his still-tiny hand. He explained to me everything we saw. I like his explanations better than my own.

Back at camp, my daughter pushed around this toy for a million minutes. You can see that she totally dug it.

He found a daddy longlegs spider. He examined it for a while, and proceeded to share his findings with us.

He said it's called a LegsOval spider, and that it's eventually poisonous.

We did more sitting around and talking, and campfire cooking. Then we came home, reeking of smoke and sunscreen.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


This was the first official week of summer in my house.  Yes, that's a paper banana taped to the back door.


Monday, May 25, 2009

She Reminds Me Of Me

What a wonderful weekend we have had! Lots of yard work, housework, swimming, playing, donuts, and lazing around.

Yesterday I walked around the corner to check on my daughter, because she was near the plant, and I was hit right on the face with déjà vu. Here is what she was doing:

A couple of days ago I was shocked to watch her sit down on her ball and start bouncing. I couldn't believe she had the balance and strength to hold herself up, but she sure was bouncing high. I guess she decided her baby would like to bounce with her.

Which is funny, because I once decided the same thing about my baby boy.

I had that birth ball and used it through both pregnancies. Then I gave it to my sister to get the huge thing out of here. But while I had it, I sat on it and bounced. I did it so much during my pregnancy with my son, that I think he got used to the sensation because after he was born, bouncing on it with him was often the only thing that would calm him. My daughter never saw me use it, she came up with that all on her own.


Friday, May 22, 2009


It's official! After weeks of taking a step here and a step there, my daughter is finally truly walking. She still chooses crawling for most of her transportation needs, but she's getting there.

I have a toddler!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Day Of Nursery School

This morning my son walked out the door with his dada for his very last day of preschool. How can that be true? My teeny tiny baby, who I swear just yesterday fit into the blue baby swing that hangs on our back deck...that baby cannot be done with preschool. He still says aminals. He is still so little.

Here is a picture of him on his first day of school last fall.

I took a picture of him yesterday with his teachers.

My how his confidence (and hair) has grown!

Here is what his classroom looked like this year.

I'm feeling a little melancholy. I'm so proud of him, yet sad that his childhood is passing by so quickly. The good part of all this is that his preschool is offering a kindergarten for the first time next year! I'm thrilled to be able to send him to this school for one last year. It makes kindergarten, and my baby, not seem quite so big.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Tiny Mama

This Goose Girl of mine, she is a tiny mama.  She loves this baby. She takes care of this baby in a way I never knew a 13 month old could.

She gives this baby so many kisses.

She puts this baby to her shoulder and hugs him, and pats him on the back.

She holds him close and rocks her body back and forth.

And, well, sometimes she chews on his head.

She always gives him a kiss afterward to make up for it.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gallery Opening

My husband is a photographer. It's not his primary vocation, but it's more than a hobby.

Three of his pieces were accepted into a local gallery, and the opening was Friday night.

It was crowded. Here is a picture of the venue, after many people had already gone.

I snapped this photo of my guy and his mom next to two of his prints. I think she felt rather proud.

I know my girl was proud too, because her picture was up on the wall! Do you think she recognized that belly?

It felt a little strange to have my body on display, but I don't feel shy when I'm pregnant. And that picture was taken when I was pregnant and pregnancy is beautiful and it's the kind of thing where I want to say, "Look! How amazing is this?!"

After an hour the kids, mamaw, and I left because it was getting late and the kids were getting antsy. But it wasn't too late to stop by the fountain in front of the building and dip our toes in.

I'm so very proud of my husband.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trumpet Practice

My guy was in band in high school. He played the trumpet. He's in the center of this photo:

At the time, band was a very popular activity. Unfortunately the popularity of band has declined since those days. The band director at the time was a man named Mr. John T. Wilson. He really did a lot toward making the band a huge success. The band went to state finals several times during his run as director. I believe he was director for 39 years.

Recently, and I'm not exactly sure how it came about, but Mr. Wilson is now directing an alumni band, comprised of former students and a few faculty members. Many, many people are involved in it, and my guy is among them.

There will be a concert on Thursday at our old high school. I can't wait to go!

For several Wednesdays, he's been driving 1.5 hours after work to the practices.

He also practices for about a half hour every day after dinner. The kids love to hear him practice.

After practicing, they did some goofing around of course.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My son has been watching Tom and Jerry in the afternoons. He wanted to make a mouse hole in our wall to see if a mouse would come out of it. I told him that I didn't really want to cut a hole in the wall, but I would make one out of paper.

So I made that mouse hole, and taped it to a baseboard. He has been pretending so hard, he wants it to be real. He even got a piece of cheese out to try to tempt a mouse.

His sister came along, and wondered what he was doing.

She really got into the game. She sat with him, pointed to the mouse hole and grunted, and just watched for a mouse right alongside him. It was very, very dear.

I never imagined this particular scenario, but I sure do like it.