Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gallery Opening

My husband is a photographer. It's not his primary vocation, but it's more than a hobby.

Three of his pieces were accepted into a local gallery, and the opening was Friday night.

It was crowded. Here is a picture of the venue, after many people had already gone.

I snapped this photo of my guy and his mom next to two of his prints. I think she felt rather proud.

I know my girl was proud too, because her picture was up on the wall! Do you think she recognized that belly?

It felt a little strange to have my body on display, but I don't feel shy when I'm pregnant. And that picture was taken when I was pregnant and pregnancy is beautiful and it's the kind of thing where I want to say, "Look! How amazing is this?!"

After an hour the kids, mamaw, and I left because it was getting late and the kids were getting antsy. But it wasn't too late to stop by the fountain in front of the building and dip our toes in.

I'm so very proud of my husband.



Ms. Moon said...

Awesome! You are a beautiful woman and I love how you love your man.
The only time I ever felt good in a bikini was when I was pregnant. I got some stares but I did not care. I felt like a goddess!
Congratulations to your husband.

Lora said...

Oh Thank you! I wore a bikini when I was pregnant with my first. (Second time was during winter) Pregnancy taught me what it feels like to love my body. I'll pass along the congratulations.