Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's The Camping Life For Me

We went camping this past weekend with family, at Spring Mill State Park. I dearly love Spring Mill.

We arrived at the campground and sat around for a while. This girl is walking, but still prefers to crawl, so she crawled around in the dirt and by the end of the first day her legs were like chocolate covered almonds.

People other than me made dinner, which was a blessing in itself. My sister-in-law made some delicious cornbread, and my husband cooked it over the campfire. Is this not the most Americana cornbread you've ever seen?

After dinner, Papaw had a special treat for the kids. They helped him make pudding, and he squeezed it into ice cream cones.

My son's favorite part was roasting marshmallows.

He roasted them in the afternoon with Nana.

He roasted them in the evening with dada.

He even roasted them in the morning after breakfast by himself.

But back to that first night. We played a lot of this game:

It's a ball on a stick that we hit with paddles. It provided endless laughs, as the ball bonked us on our heads or got stuck in the tree.

The next day we had breakfast and spent more time lounging around by the fire. Then we went to visit Pioneer Village.

. Here is the mill, with its moss covered water wheel:

I bought some fresh ground cornmeal. We put our feet in that freezing cold stream.

Every time I visit this village, which is about once a year, it causes a great clenching in my heart. It makes me want to sell off all my belongings and buy a loom. To build a cabin and live simply in the woods with my family. To cook using all cast iron and to make my own shoes. But then I remember the internet. I do love my life just as it is. But simplicity is always a good thing to me. I strive for it.

My son and I left the others behind while we walked on a path we found. We saw a large waterfall, and a cave. I loved that quiet moment with him, holding his still-tiny hand. He explained to me everything we saw. I like his explanations better than my own.

Back at camp, my daughter pushed around this toy for a million minutes. You can see that she totally dug it.

He found a daddy longlegs spider. He examined it for a while, and proceeded to share his findings with us.

He said it's called a LegsOval spider, and that it's eventually poisonous.

We did more sitting around and talking, and campfire cooking. Then we came home, reeking of smoke and sunscreen.



Ms. Moon said...

Your son reminds me so much of one of my brothers when he was young and now his son is very much like that too. Curious, quiet, lovely.
Such beautiful children.
I'm glad you had a good weekend and yes, that is an amazing cornbread. And you know what? You CAN cook with iron all the time. I do.

real life momma said...

Sounds Awesome Lora!!! Your kids are so beautiful, but tell Bee I said handsome!

Lora said...

I really should try cooking with cast iron. For some reason it seems complicated. All that seasoning stuff, I think, and is it ok to clean it with soap and water? Hmm.