Monday, May 25, 2009

She Reminds Me Of Me

What a wonderful weekend we have had! Lots of yard work, housework, swimming, playing, donuts, and lazing around.

Yesterday I walked around the corner to check on my daughter, because she was near the plant, and I was hit right on the face with déjà vu. Here is what she was doing:

A couple of days ago I was shocked to watch her sit down on her ball and start bouncing. I couldn't believe she had the balance and strength to hold herself up, but she sure was bouncing high. I guess she decided her baby would like to bounce with her.

Which is funny, because I once decided the same thing about my baby boy.

I had that birth ball and used it through both pregnancies. Then I gave it to my sister to get the huge thing out of here. But while I had it, I sat on it and bounced. I did it so much during my pregnancy with my son, that I think he got used to the sensation because after he was born, bouncing on it with him was often the only thing that would calm him. My daughter never saw me use it, she came up with that all on her own.



Ms. Moon said...

Your pictures make me greedy for my grandbaby to arrive.

Lora said...

As you know, the time will go faster than you can believe. That baby will be here charming you so soon!

Amy said...

That is so cute! Funny how she came up with it on her own.