Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Tiny Mama

This Goose Girl of mine, she is a tiny mama.  She loves this baby. She takes care of this baby in a way I never knew a 13 month old could.

She gives this baby so many kisses.

She puts this baby to her shoulder and hugs him, and pats him on the back.

She holds him close and rocks her body back and forth.

And, well, sometimes she chews on his head.

She always gives him a kiss afterward to make up for it.



Karen said...

Oh Lora! She is so, so sweet. I love these photos!

Carol said...

Love it! What a sweetie!

Amy said...

Oh my, she is too cute with her little baby! I'm sure when she bites baby's head, she's actually just helping her hide from the boogyman ;)

Ms. Moon said...

Strong maternal instinct gene in your family!

Lora said...

Thank you, gals! She is baby obsessed. It's very cute to watch.