Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trumpet Practice

My guy was in band in high school. He played the trumpet. He's in the center of this photo:

At the time, band was a very popular activity. Unfortunately the popularity of band has declined since those days. The band director at the time was a man named Mr. John T. Wilson. He really did a lot toward making the band a huge success. The band went to state finals several times during his run as director. I believe he was director for 39 years.

Recently, and I'm not exactly sure how it came about, but Mr. Wilson is now directing an alumni band, comprised of former students and a few faculty members. Many, many people are involved in it, and my guy is among them.

There will be a concert on Thursday at our old high school. I can't wait to go!

For several Wednesdays, he's been driving 1.5 hours after work to the practices.

He also practices for about a half hour every day after dinner. The kids love to hear him practice.

After practicing, they did some goofing around of course.



Ms. Moon said...

You are so rich!

Lora said...

Indeed I am. I feel so impossibly blessed. Rich rich rich!