Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alternate Plans and Chocolate Bunnies

Today, we were going to get up very early and go to the zoo. We were going with a friend and her 6 year old daughter, my mom, and my sister and 2 of her kids.

I got up early and got ready, then the thunderstorms rolled in. So we'll go on a different day instead. Which turns out to be okay, because I'm tired. Exhausted. Worn out.

I love rainy, thundery days when I feel tired. I have no expectations for myself other than to lie on the floor and push cars and pat baby dolls. Also, our air conditioning is not working, and the rain cools it down a little bit.

So I'll tell a story about my son.

He is a saver.

Once, a friend bought him a pack of 6 sticks of candy, each the size of a pencil. He has yet to eat one.

This past spring I was talking to my sister and told her that I was going to reuse his chocolate bunny from the previous Easter. We laughed, and I think she thought it was strange that I'd give him year old candy to eat. But I told her that he didn't eat it last year, and I felt confident he wouldn't eat it this year either. He hasn't. Now he has 2 chocolate bunnies because he also received one from his mamaw. I fear that when he moves out one day, we will clean his closet and be toppled by boxes and boxes of chocolate bunnies.

He just loves them so much he doesn't want them to be gone. I think the anticipation of eating them is better for him than the actual eating. Or maybe he's just tragically nostalgic, like his mama, and would miss them.

If I tell him he can have one ice cream sandwich per day, he will never eat one because he would worry about how he'd feel later if he ate one and then later wanted another but the chance was gone. So the limit is two per day, and that way he will actually eat one.

His tendency to save extends beyond food. He is good about saving his money, he gets sad every time we must turn in the library books, and he never wants to get rid of old toys no matter if he plays with them or not. Because he remembers when he used to play with them, and they were fun back then.

I think he is similar to me, and just wants to hold on to the happy stuff. Neither of us does well with change. I do most of my sentimental saving these days with photographs, to cut back on clutter. He loves every piece of his clutter, and that's okay with me. My closet was stuffed full as a child too.



Ms. Moon said...

Isn't it funny how these things are so genetic? I think I love your son, by the way. I know I've said this before, but he reminds me so much of one of my younger brothers.

Susanne said...

Rachel's okay getting rid of things that we bought from yard sales or things that I pick up here and there for her. But, if it came from someone or it was something she made she's very attached. It's more of the thought of the person that gave it to her than what the actual object is. She has every card, picture, valentine, etc. that she's ever gotten hung up in her room on a bulletin board. I dread the day it's full.

Lora said...

Thanks Ms. Moon! I love that he has charmed you, through my stories about him.

Susanne, he also has saved every single card and valentine that he's received. Thankfully, I have them in a bag in his closet so it will be a while until it's full. Our sweet, sentimental kids!