Wednesday, June 3, 2009

City Girl, Country Girl

When I go home to visit my dad, I watch my kids in the environment that I lived in as a child. I watch them ride tractors, combines, and 4-wheelers. I watch them go to the creek, play in the rocks, and run around in a huge grassy yard. I take them up to the hayloft. I show them the pigs.

Here is an old picture of my son and my dad in the sweetcorn field. A whole field of sweetcorn! He plants it every year and gives most of it away.

I get to take them up in the treehouse that my dad and I built.

Oh the treehouse! I was probably around 11 years old and had always wanted a treehouse. Dad took a whole day off and just the two of us built that thing from scraps we found around the farm and one trip to the hardware store. I loved that tree house. Still do. When I had friends over, we slept in it. My friend Kim and I wallpapered it with comics from my grandma's Sunday paper. She saved them for us for weeks. I have so many memories of that treehouse.

Here it is in the background of this picture. I'm sure you'll have to click on it to see it larger. I need to take a better picture.

My dad built a cabin by the pond. This summer he and my son will go fishing there.

I can still go to the farm and find the wild baby kittens in the hayloft, and when they get a little older I can try to find them again and tame them. It's a talent my sister and I share.

I love that I can do this for my kids. I grew up on that farm, and it meant the world to me to have so many places to go while I was still at home. Home was acres and acres of land that I was free to explore. My sister and I took our Barbies camping at the creek. We built forts and houses out of bales of straw in the hayloft. I spent 8 years in 4-H, caring for and showing animals.

And here I am living in the city. To many people it's probably more like a small town, but it will always feel like the city to me. Also? I love it here in this city. I think it might boggle my dad's mind, but I truly do.

I love the museums, the fountains, the parks, the restaurants, the shopping, the arts. I love the education options for my kids and myself. I still have somewhere fun to go and explore every day. This is a very amazing city with lots of green space. There is always live music to be found.

Every time I go visit Dad, I think about moving back, and finding my own large plot of land. Then I remember all the wonderful things about my city that I would be so sad to leave.

I can't categorize myself. Am I a city girl or a country girl? I think I have the best of both worlds. I get to live in the city where I somehow feel like I belong, and take my kids to the country as often as I like, where I also belong.



Jamie said...

I completely agree 100%! Everytime I go home I am flooded with so many childhood memories that I want Abigail to experience. I love the city perks but feeling the need to get back to my 'country roots!' Good for you for embracing the best of both worlds!!

Ms. Moon said...

Don't feel guilty. Please. You are giving your children the best of everything.

real life momma said...

Beautifully written!!! I love it! And true. Every word of it. I love the baby kitten picture. There are wild ones to catch and tame right now...lets go do it!

Joany said...

It was always such an adventure coming to visit the farm!

Susanne said...

OH, I miss your dad. He's so great! Your kids are very lucky to get the best of both worlds.

Lora said...

I love that so many people share my memories of that farm. And my dad.
I'm just attached to the place.

I think most of my guilt probably comes from the feeling that I was "supposed" to live in the country. I don't know why I felt like I should, but I did. That feeling lingers a bit I guess. But hey, I'm happy here in this city, and that's good enough for me.