Monday, June 22, 2009

From Japan, With Love

When my husband and I were in college, we saw a group of people playing roller hockey on the tennis courts at our dorm. It looked like fun. We watched a while, then ventured over to talk to them. Turns out, most of the group was Japanese, and came overseas to Study.

One of them grew up near us.  His name was Yujin, and it was the beginning of a lasting friendship. My guy and I both got hockey sticks. We had rollerblades already. We joined them for their games several times a week. I didn't always play, but my guy always did. We've shared dinners out, visits to homes, and I've learned so much over the last 13 years of knowing them.

Here is a picture of us on a trip to the ice skating rink together. It's my guy, me, Sonja, and Yujin.

Yujin and Ikuko moved to Japan after they both graduated. They married and built a house there. But whenever they are in town, they stop by and visit.

The last time they visited was late October last year.

Here we all are.

They came to our house one day, and the next day we went out to dinner. I happened to mention to Ikuko that I was really interested in Bento boxes as a way of eating. She thought that was hilarious. I guess it would be kind of like someone from Japan saying to me they were really into brown paper sacks with lunch meat sandwiches and sacks of potato chips.

Last week we received a package in the mail from Yujin and Ikuko. I will show you what they sent.

This picture is blurry, but it's a blue bento box, a cold bag to store my bento in, as well as a cloth bag to use if it doesn't need to be temperature stable.

Here is a closer view of my box.

There was also a set of 3 boxes for the kids.

Here are the cute little condiment containers, with spreaders that hook on the bottom.

Here are the onigiri molds, which can be used to shape rice, mashed potatoes, or anything of the right consistency.

It's all just so super cute, and I can't wait to get started.

Now I will make a package for them. I love finding things to ship off to japan. Ikuko mentioned that she can't get pumpkin pie mix in Japan, so I will send some of that.




Ms. Moon said...

Lovely and fun. Play with your food! I love it.

Susanne said...

I agree, how cute!!!!! What a neat concept.