Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I sat down to tell you the story of our fireworks experience this year, wherein my husband was sick, and so late at night I alone took our two children to a city 25 miles away that I had only ever driven past before, and we couldn't find a place to park but finally did, and walked 2 blocks past a cemetery and saw a dead squirrel and we watched 15 minutes of fireworks and got back home at 11:41 that night.

But really, that's the whole story. I keep focusing on the cemetery part. In usual daylight settings, I really enjoy cemeteries. I love the history of them. I like wandering in the grass, soaking up the silence, and looking at the beautiful headstones. I like the old sections, with crumbling words and sinking stones. I like the new sections with color pictures and poems. I like cemeteries so much that on vacation, I even schedule visits to local resting places.

My favorite cemetery that I have been to is Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. We went in October of 2007. I could have spent so much time there. It is a vast place. There is no way you could see it all in one day. But we saw a lot. Here are some pictures.

I was 14 weeks pregnant.

Yep, he went with us.

So big, it had street signs.

My favorite picture of the place.

So in the daytime, with other adults present, I enjoy it. At night, alone except for the kids, I felt scared. I'm not sure what I was scared of or what I thought might happen. I saw a mylar balloon floating above a stone, and it startled me badly. I watched too many scary movies in my teen years, I suppose.



Jamie said...

Like you, it probably would have frightened me a bit. I generally love walking through paying respect to the very old crumbling stones. We had to take a class "Death & Dying" in which we were required to roam through various cemetaries, I loved that part. Loved your pictures from Paris! WOW

Ms. Moon said...

I love them. Especially the ones in Mexico.

Susanne said...

When I first got my license I used to drive out to the cemetary by our old house in New Maysville and sit in the back of the cemetary there and read. It overlooked a big pond. It was so peaceful and quiet. I always found cemetaries to be very fascinating during the day or at night.

real life momma said...

I think cemetaries are creepy and I don't really know why either. But I think they're creepy day or night. I think it's the thought of walking 'on' all of the coffins with the bodies...I don't mind going to pay my respects in the daytime, and the older stones are interesting to me...but I always see one where someone young has died and feel like crying.