Monday, July 20, 2009

Hometown County Fair

Saturday we drove up to my hometown to go to the county 4-H fair. We've been to the fair in our current county, but it does not compare to the one where I grew up. I grew up in a farming community, and that means that 4-H is very popular. This fair has many many animals, and the exhibit building that houses the other projects is stuffed full.

They sky was grayish, but it only sprinkled in short bursts and then the sun would come out again.

Let me give you a closer look at something special:

The milk barn. There is just something about the milk, especially the chocolate. I'm a milkaholic anyway, but others agree with me. I swear it, it's true! When I was a kid, it was 25 cents for a small, and 35 cents for a large. Now there is only one size which costs a dollar. I had two.

We looked at my nephew's projects in the community building. He did Electricity, Drawing, and Archery. He also shows swine. Here is one of his pigs.

I loved 4-H. I was involved in it for 8 years. Over the course of those years, I showed swine, dairy cows, and rabbits. I did ceramics, photography, collections, arts&crafts (I latch-hooked a pillow.), and I'm sure other things I'm forgetting.

We ran into my sister. We needed to nurse our babies.

We saw some cow butts.

We ate some fried vegetables.

What a way to prepare vegetables. The fair will find a way to get rid of all the nutrition in any food. But, these sure were delicious!

My son stayed the night with his Grampy, and the three of us drove home.

My husband and I spent the next 28 hours munching on the baby. On Sunday, I went to a movie ALONE while he played with Goose. Then when I got back, he went to the movie, while I played with her. It took all day to see that movie, but it's one way to avoid a babysitter.

Our son came home late last evening, and boy was I glad to see him! He had so much fun with Grampy. They rode tractors, 4-wheelers, and the bulldozer. They went to the fair again, and watched my nephew shoot in the archery competition. He ate junk food, and drank a caffeinated beverage. In short, he was in his glory.



Maggie May said...

aw i love nurstie pictures!

Amy said...

What fun! I can't wait to start taking my guy to the fair where I grew up.

What movie did you see? Hubby and I might have to use your trick to go see Harry Potter, we don't have anyone to babysit.

Susanne said...

I remember many times sitting with my sister nursing our babies together.