Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was his first day of kindergarten!

When he woke up, he requested egg whites for breakfast. That in itself is a little strange, because we've never eaten egg whites before. But I made them, plus some buttered toast and a glass of milk. He ate every morsel. The coin you see in the picture is a guardian angel coin from my sister. He kept it in his pocket for courage.

My guy took him out front to get some pictures in front of the bush where we always take "first day" pictures. That backpack is a John Deere backpack, and is the pride of this boy's heart.

He was feeling excited, and a little nervous too.

I drove him to school, and he told me he'd lead the way to his classroom. He hung up his backpack.

He said hello to both of his teachers (who both go by their first names) and posed for pictures with them.

The children were encouraged (but not required) to listen to a story.

He sat by a couple of friends from last year.

At this point, I left the room and spent a couple hours in the hallway with this girl. We had fun.

My son really didn't want me to leave, so we just stayed there. He waved at me a few times, and came out to show me things.

Next, it was time to play outside. They dug a big hole.

On the drive home, he recorded a video of himself, and talked about his morning.

I am so proud of him, and my heart is so full. I didn't feel teary today (possibly because I stayed the whole time) but instead I just felt incredibly happy that he is going to such a great school.



Carol said...

What a big boy! And you must divulge where you found a John Deere backpack?!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes. He is fine.