Friday, August 7, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week

This week was World Breastfeeding Week. A week to celebrate nursing mamas, promote and encourage breastfeeding, and go to a festival and get lots of free stuff. I did all three.

The festival was yesterday, in my sister's town. It's a smallish town, where the rate of breastfeeding is lower than average, so I was really impressed they were having a festival. My sister invited me, so I drove up to attend and invited my cousin too.

It was in a shelter house at the park.

The women who organized it really went all out. There was good live music.

Free pizza stacked high. Cake too.

A raffle, with prizes donated by local businesses.

Here we are with our nurslings. My baby is the gigantic one. Did she really used to be as little as those other two?

While we chatted, the kids played various games and won prizes.

I'd guess there were 50 people there, if you include the kids. I always wish more would come, but I think it was very successful. Everyone was given gifts for attending and everyone won several raffle prizes. My favorite items were a book with lots of pictures of breastfeeding moms, this kid's book:

This tee-shirt:

and this handmade quilt that he has adopted:

We got home late, and the kids were tired. I asked her if she wanted to go night-night, and she did this:

Thanks, sis, for inviting me, and thanks cousin, for coming and celebrating with us!



Ms. Moon said...

What a beautiful gathering! And your children...oh. Your children.

real life momma said...

It was fabulous wasn't it??? I had a good time and I was so glad you came and remembered to invite our cousin too! I think I'll post a link to your blog from mine if that's ok??? Love you sis!

scaccogirl said...

That is really cool! I was pretty impressed that the State Fair had Lactation Stations, where the local Milk Bank gave you a semi-private place to nurse, as well as a BIG bottle of water and a cute insulated bag filled with coupons and goodies. I was thrilled!