Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bento Snack

I've been using my small bento boxes for Bee's snack at school. I take great pleasure in packing his snack each morning. Although I'm not doing anything fancy yet, I do enjoy trying to fit a lot of "small bites" in each box. He enjoys finding out what's inside, and he also enjoys the notes I tuck in there too. I'm a terrible artist, but my 5 year old appreciates it anyway, so I carry on.

Yes, that's supposed to be a picture of him riding in the back of a truck. Hmm. Anyway, The box has a zucchini muffin, cheese, grapes, and goldfish in it. Kindergarten sure works up my kid's appetite.



erin said...

I bought Jeremiah (my boyfriend, not a kid) a Mr. Bento for Valentines Day last year. He LOVES it.

I was going to get the girls Bento Jr.s but they already had lunch bags, so I hated to spend the money.

I write little notes to my daughters everyday, I run out of funny things to write sometimes and just write, 'Eat your apple OLIVIA!' or 'Rose, you know how you said the other day that you never wanted to have to wear glasses? Eat your carrots!'

Lucy At Home said...

Such a nutritious snack!

Karen said...

I LOVE this Lora. How sweet to write a note every day!