Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lora Loves: Driveway Hangs

Something I love dearly is hanging out in the driveway with my family. We pull out all the chairs, drink tea and eat watermelon, and talk. We watch the kids play in the grass, we play games.

My niece taught me how to text.

My son and I had a snuggle.

My mom read books to my daughter.

My other niece relaxed and enjoyed the activity.

My guy played swingball. Look at this guy! Whew, I sure do love his forearms.

There are no pictures of my nephew because he spent the afternoon in the pool with his friend. We saw them a couple of times, when they emerged from the water long enough to eat. My sister was there too. She and I played Mancala, and she beat me many times.

There is just something about hanging out in a group like this--it's like communal parenting. It all feels so easy. Sometimes I wish we lived in big family groups like many cultures do. But since we do not, I will savor the times that we gather, I will drink the tea, and I will watch the children play.



Joany said...

Those are my favorite kinds of times too!

erin said...

My hands down favorite thing about my guy is that he likes to play. He always seems to have so much fun running around with the kids. I'm more like a lay around with the kids, read to the kids, color with the kids, cuddle with the kids kind of gal.

Corinne said...

I still have yet to get texting down....
Love the picture of you and Bee snuggling! Too cute!

Jamie said...

Love it! Driveway hangouts are the best. I too am a forearms girl.

real life momma said...

We had so much fun! I love hanging out with you guys!