Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I did something I've never done before! I went raspberry picking. The kids and I drove to an orchard about an hour away. I secured 3 small buckets, and we dove in.

I showed the kids how, then I immediately set myself up with a frantic picking pace. I had a feeling that they wouldn't be interested for long and I wanted to get several pounds. My hands were hungry hungry hippos grabbing at raspberry marbles. But in the first 10 minutes, my son said, "Can we please do this more often?" and "This is so much fun, can we stay until I'm ready to leave?" So I relaxed. I took some time to look up at the enormous and incredibly blue sky. I watched my girl pick a few and drop them in her bucket, only to dump them out shortly after. I watched my son put berry after berry in his mouth.

My daughter peered into my bucket, and saw that it was half full of berries. She grabbed a handful, and walked to her bucket and dropped them in it. I told my son that she found an easy way to pick the berries, and he howled with laughter. He copied her, and their hands nearly emptied my bucket. But I didn't mind starting over.

I loved the way my girl grabbed the raspberries with such fierceness. In the end her bucket contained berries that were mostly mush. Perfect for a cobbler.

Never in my life have I had enough raspberries in my possession to feel like I've eaten my fill. Until today. We ate berries the whole (hour long) drive home. I made a cobbler for dessert. I have enough left for muffins, and also some just to eat.

It's nice to get enough of a good thing.



Joany said...

Yum! That makes me miss the raspberry bushes we had at my house when I was growing up. Do you remember those?

Amy said...

Sounds delightful :) I used to spend hours picking and eating the berries right off the bushes behind my parents' house.

Carol said...

"My hands were hungry hungry hippos grabbing at raspberry marbles."

You have such a gift of writing! Your words just always come alive and overflow with love, joy and peace.

Enjoy your berries. :)

Lora said...

Joany, I have a vague memory of those bushes. Fun!
Amy, berries eaten right as you pick them are the best!
Carol, thank you so much! I am still eating on the raspberry cobbler I made. It's so rich we're eating it slowly.