Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cookie Diversion

I am not a mama who enjoys imaginative play. The whole "mama you be the thief and I'm the police and you steal this jewel and say, 'police go away!' and then you run and I'll follow..." Ugh. Oh, I do it, but only until I can coax them away with the offer to make cookies or read books or go to the park or go on a walk or build with blocks or paint.

On this particular day, I talked them into leaving a game of king and queen to bake cookies.

While she was cracking an egg, lots of shell pieces got in. They peered in at the shell bits.

Haha, oops!

I picked it all out.

"The shell was right there! In the bowl!"

The cookies were good, but this moment was better.



Corinne said...

They are too cute! He looks so proud of his little sister :)

Karen said...

I LOVE these pictures Lora! And I so understand the boredom with imaginative play. Let's paint! Let's play outside! Let's read! Let's do anything but play animal shelter again!

Ms. Moon said...

I used to tell my kids that I played when I was a kid but that I was a grown-up now. I was glad to read books and bake cookies and and I loved it, I did, but playing? Not so much.
And your kids are sweeter than cookies.