Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holiday World Rocked My World

A friend gave us 4 tickets to Holiday World, because she wasn't able to use them this weekend, and the park closes for the season today. I felt like I won the lottery!

Yesterday, in the perfect fall weather, we drove 2 hours south and had a blast.

Of course, first we had to visit with Santa himself.

He chose to ride the bumper cars as his first ride of the day. They are one of his favorites.

He also enjoyed a canoe ride.

Then we took him on a fish ride that goes up and down and around in a circle. She watched him a while, and decided she wanted to try it. It all started out happily enough.

But before one circle had been completed, she looked like this:

And this:

So sad! They were kind enough to stop the ride, and I scooped her out. After that, she didn't want to ride any other rides unless I could go with her. She really liked our train rides and the old fashioned cars.

We had lots of fun at the playground.

She loved this with all her heart!

Last time we went to Holiday World, he didn't like the Turkey Twirl. He liked it this time.

He also liked this ride, that went up and down in order to achieve that dropped stomach feeling. He rode it several times with me and his dad.

I love this fella.

We stayed at the park from the time they opened until they closed. She refused to nap that whole time, but passed out in the car immediately.

The whole day felt like magic. Sunshine and togetherness, rides and junk food. My son has been studying the Holiday World map, reminiscing about the trip already.



Jamie said...

What a blast! Never been, but wanting to now.

Amy said...

That looks like so much fun! I can just imagine my Eric freaking once he realized he would be "alone" on the ride.