Sunday, October 11, 2009

One And A Half

I didn't have time on the actual date to post anything about my sweet girl reaching 18 months of age. A year and a half of sweet breastfeeding, sleeping side by side, and doing pretty much everything together. 18 months of beginning the process of figuring out who this tiny, powerful creature is.

She is full on into toddlerhood. There are not many hints of baby left in her, but I search for them whenever I can. I find baby in her delicious cheeks, in her puffy diaper bottom, in her tiny giggles, in her mouth searching for my breast the same way it did when she was 2 months old.

She runs now. She's only really been walking for 4 months, but now she runs places, her bouncy little steps causing her hair to bounce along too.

She says eyebrow and all done and cheese.

She loves to be tickled, she loves peek-a-boo, she loves standing on my legs and jumping off onto the floor, she loves to stand on the bed and fall forward with a plop.

She also loves books. When she wants me to read, she brings me a book and flings it in my general direction and proclaims, "Weeeed!"

She is absolutely divine.



erin said...

I just weaned Elijah one month and one week ago, just shy of his second birthday. I still feel sad about it. Ahhhh! No more baby!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh. I read you mommy-bloggers because you bring back the sharp, sweet memories of my days with babies.
Cherish them, sweet woman, sweet mama. They go so fast.

Amy said...

What a sweet post. Eric will be 18 months in six days, and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. He certainly seems more "little boy" than baby these days, though he still loves his num-nums :)

adrienne said...

'She says eyebrow and all done and cheese.'

what more could you want? so sweet.

Lora said...

Ms Moon, It's kind of do the same thing with your blog, but in reverse. I am loving these times so much that I look to you to show me that my children will still be such a huge part of my life even after they're grown.

Thanks everyone, I really wish I could make each day last twice as long. Well, most days.