Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Things

Friday I took the kids to Zoo Boo. Aside from the animals, there was pumpkin bowling, a play, trick or treating, dancing, a bounce house, and a hay bale maze.

There was also a tent where kids could build a bird house.

Saturday my guy let me sleep in, and then we took the kids to get pumpkins.

Sunday, my dad came to visit. He brought my son an old tire, and you'd think he gave him the world. He has been rolling it around, lifting it, and wanting to be home so he can be near it.



Joany said...

Your week sounds heavenly to me! I would love for John to have a week off sometime soon.
Love your pictures too! That Goose sure is the cutest candy corn I've ever seen!
I'm sure the gluten-free diet is difficult. How does Bee feel about it? Is he aware of what you're doing?

Lora said...

Thanks Joany! I hope that John can get a week off soon too. It's really restorative.

Bee does know about the diet, and almost every time he eats something, he asks if it's wheat free first. He is so on board, which is amazing to me. The only thing he misses (so far)is Goldfish crackers. He told me his belly feels great, better than ever. So we'll give it a while longer to see what happens. I can't imagine doing this long term, but if it's helpful to him and he feels good, then I will. I need to find a delicious wheat free sandwich bread though. We've tried two that have been awful.

Ms. Moon said...

What a wonderful mommy you are and what a beautiful family you have. I know I say the same thing every time I comment but darling- it's what I have to say.

Natalie said...

I love the picture of Goose with the pumpkin! She is so beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't call last week. I ended up getting sick. I'll try to call this week. I'd really like to chat with you.

PS. I have a couple of websites that the bloggers post about great gluetin free recipes. I'll get the link for you the next time I comment.

Lora said...

Aww Ms. Moon! It's the thing a mama never tires of hearing, so bring it on!

Thanks Natalie, I would love the links. Sandwich bread is the current major hurdle. The boy loves his turkey sandwiches, and he hasn't had one in 2 weeks. Both loaves of GF bread we bought have been awful. I'll try one more brand, and then move on to baking my own.

Natalie said...

This blog has lots of gluten free stuff. Hope it helps