Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stripes and Cuteness

In many ways, my husband is a great big kid. This is something that I appreciate and adore. One morning, he took our son to school, and read the book A Bad Case of Stripes before he left. As he was reading, quite a crowd drew around him. So he decided to take him to school again the next morning, this time though, something was a little different.

The kids loved it. I loved it.

It's this kind of thing that inspires me, that causes me to look for fun in the every day things. It takes so little to delight children, and really, adults too. Some days I have no energy for that effort, but those days benefit the most from things like this.

Now here's something that is too cute not to post. She invented this little game all on her own.

I'm feeling very blessed by my family this morning. The diapers in the dryer and the fire in the fireplace only add to the feeling.



real life momma said...

ack!!! ADORABLE!!!! I love your kids!!!

Ms. Moon said...

I love your whole family.

Myssie said...

your guy is awesome! I bet Bee was so proud and happy that he did that for his class. And the video...melts me!