Sunday, December 13, 2009

On Living With A Not So Tiny Little Boy

When you live with a not so tiny little boy, one day you might find a plastic, musclebound guy swimming in your bathroom sink.

You might hand him a toy catologue and a pen, and ask him to circle the things he likes. When you look to see what he circled, you might be surprised, because he circled big boy things like transformers and nerf blasters and bionicles. Since when did he even know that stuff existed? Since when does he skip right over the Sesame Street stuff?

You will receive instruction on how to make different engine noises for tractors, combines, and trash trucks.

One day you might sit down on the floor next to him, where he is playing with his tractors, and try to shoot love straight into him with hugs and smooches and endearing words, and he will smile and hug you back and then say, "Okay mama, now I have to get back to this playing." because his imagination just consumes him these days.

He also will probably roll his eyes and grin when his parents kiss after dinner.

You will check his pockets before doing the laundry, as you usually do, and find a folded up red construction paper heart from a girl, who has written her name in the center for him. When you ask him about it, he will shrug off-handedly and say, "Yeah, she gave that to me."

I thank my lucky stars that I happen to live with a six year old not so tiny little boy.