Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sampling Of Pictures And Small Stories

We've had some snow.

She took her baby out to see it.

He tried to roll snowballs to make a snowman.

But it was so cold that the snow wouldn't stick very well.
He ended up with this tiny snow guy named Ned.

He showed her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
There weren't any falling that moment, but she'll know for next time.

She likes to wear his boots. Backwards.

She tried a hard boiled egg for the first time, and liked it.
She kept asking for more salt.

He drew a picture of a me almost being sucked up by a tornado.
At the last minute, superman comes and saves me.
But not before I lose 3 huge chunks of hair.

She has been learning to take photos.

In the hair department, she has been requesting two "hairdos"

And he has been growing his out.
I don't know how long he will grow it.
Until he's finished, I imagine.

She is practicing her hide and seek skills.

She learned them from her brother.
(This is him when he was her age.)

It was a lovely week.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cast Iron Cooking

I have been wanting to use cast iron cookware for ages. Lucky me, my dad gave me two cast iron skillets for Christmas!

I am enjoying it tremendously. I have cooked eggs, and they did not stick.

Here is the larger pan:

The first time I used it, I made this:


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally, Outside

The snow is finally melting and it's warm enough to be outside. It's amazing how warm 30-40 degrees feels when you're conditioned to expect 9 degrees. On Friday my girl and I went to visit our friends who live a 4 minute walk away. Longer if you're walking with a toddler.

She was so excited to be outside.

She poked the snow that was still hanging around.

Here is a video of her walking down the path. I love the way she bounds along.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Gymnastics Passed Down

When my son was a little boy, starting around 18 months old, I began taking him to a gymnastics place for open gym. It's an hour for 1-6 year olds to run around, jump on the trampolines, slide into a big foam pit, and use the various types of equipment. We went approximately once a week for years. Now my daughter is the right age to enjoy it. I have taken her three times so far.

It feels like deja vu. It feels strange to be there with a different child doing the same things. It feels wonderful to have another chance to do this fun activity with a little one. It feels both happy and sad to meet different friends there. It feels fabulous to get out of the house and make new connections and share that experience with my sweet girl.

My boy playing with the half-circle thingie

My girl checking out the half-circle thingie

Tiny son in the foam pit

Tiny daughter in the foam pit

My boy hanging on a bar with his friend

My girl trying the balance beam.

My friend Myssie, helping my kid down the slide

My other kid, running on the long trampoline

I am so lucky to get to do this again.


Monday, January 11, 2010


I have a very huge potato.

Just look at this thing!

The potato on the right is a very large baking potato.
The potato on the left is a monster.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

In The Living Room After Dinner

Here is what an evening in our house looks like:


Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Day

The snow is falling so heavy and fast. The flakes are the size of nickels. We went out earlier, the four of us, but you'd never know it now if you looked at our yard. Our tracks are covered with new snow. We went sledding on the small hill across the street from our house.

I love snow days. Unexpected days off from the school routine--it feels like a surprise vacation. I made cocoa with marshmallow creme fluff, and dried our mittens and hats by the fire. It feels like a story book around here.

I wanted to tell you about an evening last week. My boy was in a cooking mood, and said he wanted to cook our dinner. So he made vegetable beef soup. He opened the cans of tomatoes, dumped in the frozen and fresh veggies, added all the spices. He stirred it frequently.

After that he wanted to cook even more, so we made that applesauce bread I mentioned earlier in my post about teff flour.

"You stir the batter while I check my soup!"

Then he still wasn't done, so we opened a pomegranate and put all the arils in a bowl.

He said he was going to cook dinner from now on, but I didn't hold him to that promise. Good thing too, because this week he hasn't so much as wanted to get his own cheese from the fridge.


Friday, January 1, 2010

We Match

My sister knows me really well. We grew up best friends, and these days we have daily phone chats. We talk about everything. She knows the way I do things. She knows who I am.

She also knows my daughter really well. She chose the perfect gift her.

First, here is a picture of me wearing my baby girl in the sling when she was one month old:

(Yeah, she was a big one month old!) She loved being in the sling. She fell asleep within minutes of being put inside. We used the heck out of that sling.

So it comes as no surprise to me that she loves the gift my sister got for her, a baby doll sling!

It might be the cutest gift I've ever seen.

As a side note, in the pictures she is standing next to my dad's wood burning stove in the house where I grew up, and where he still lives. I love that stove.