Friday, January 15, 2010

Gymnastics Passed Down

When my son was a little boy, starting around 18 months old, I began taking him to a gymnastics place for open gym. It's an hour for 1-6 year olds to run around, jump on the trampolines, slide into a big foam pit, and use the various types of equipment. We went approximately once a week for years. Now my daughter is the right age to enjoy it. I have taken her three times so far.

It feels like deja vu. It feels strange to be there with a different child doing the same things. It feels wonderful to have another chance to do this fun activity with a little one. It feels both happy and sad to meet different friends there. It feels fabulous to get out of the house and make new connections and share that experience with my sweet girl.

My boy playing with the half-circle thingie

My girl checking out the half-circle thingie

Tiny son in the foam pit

Tiny daughter in the foam pit

My boy hanging on a bar with his friend

My girl trying the balance beam.

My friend Myssie, helping my kid down the slide

My other kid, running on the long trampoline

I am so lucky to get to do this again.



Drama Queen said...

What wonderful experiences that you've given your children - and even more wonderful is that you've documented it in the photos and can do the comparisons....

....that way, when your kids get older (like mine), and they start saying, "Why does SHE get to do all that stuff when I NEVER got to...." - you can whip out the photos and prove them wrong.

I love proving my children wrong. :)

Have a blessed day....

Ms. Moon said...

Part of the joy of being a new grandmother is realizing how I get to go through all of these amazing experiences again with a child I love so much. I was thinking today about how when Owen starts to talk, he will ask me questions. And I will get to answer them. Do you know what I mean? To see a child open him or herself to wonder is such a gift. Whether with the body or the mind.

Myssie said...

Oh how I miss open gym!! I actually remember that day in the video! It was always so much fun to take the kids and run off some energy. I miss you guys!!

Lora said...

Drama Queen, my kids do this too, and it is always nice to have the proof! A few days ago Bee insisted that I had let his sister have an extra spoonful of cookie dough. I had not. I should bring along a video camera with me every day.

Ms. Moon, I love that. I do know just what you mean. I love answering their questions, and I hope they do have children so that I get another chance to do so with children that I love so deeply.

Myssie! I miss you too. I was referred to a different gym that is cheaper, but I can't make myself go there because I have so many memories attached to BUGS. I think of you guys every time we go.

Erin said...

Oh Lora! That looks like so much fun! I want to go with you some time after K starts walking!!!! Is that allowed???

Lora said...

Oh yes it's allowed Erin! You can come any time you want for the low low price of $4. :-) I would LOVE that!