Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sampling Of Pictures And Small Stories

We've had some snow.

She took her baby out to see it.

He tried to roll snowballs to make a snowman.

But it was so cold that the snow wouldn't stick very well.
He ended up with this tiny snow guy named Ned.

He showed her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
There weren't any falling that moment, but she'll know for next time.

She likes to wear his boots. Backwards.

She tried a hard boiled egg for the first time, and liked it.
She kept asking for more salt.

He drew a picture of a me almost being sucked up by a tornado.
At the last minute, superman comes and saves me.
But not before I lose 3 huge chunks of hair.

She has been learning to take photos.

In the hair department, she has been requesting two "hairdos"

And he has been growing his out.
I don't know how long he will grow it.
Until he's finished, I imagine.

She is practicing her hide and seek skills.

She learned them from her brother.
(This is him when he was her age.)

It was a lovely week.



Ms. Moon said...

I send love to your beautiful family.

Corinne said...

Looks like a lovely week :)
I adore little boys w/ long hair!

erin said...

Her eyes are so lovely! Maxine's are a lighter brown like that. I love it.

Amy said...

Oh my, your little ones are just too adorable! Oh, and Ned is awesome ;)

Eric loooooves hide and seek these days. He picks up a blanket, says "bye-bye", pops it on his head, and waits in silence for me to find him.

Can't wait to see how long Bee's hair grows!

Lora said...

Thanks all! Goose's eyes are the same color as mine, and Bee's are the same color as his dad's. But he got my pale skin while she got his darker tone. Genes are funny.