Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Day

The snow is falling so heavy and fast. The flakes are the size of nickels. We went out earlier, the four of us, but you'd never know it now if you looked at our yard. Our tracks are covered with new snow. We went sledding on the small hill across the street from our house.

I love snow days. Unexpected days off from the school routine--it feels like a surprise vacation. I made cocoa with marshmallow creme fluff, and dried our mittens and hats by the fire. It feels like a story book around here.

I wanted to tell you about an evening last week. My boy was in a cooking mood, and said he wanted to cook our dinner. So he made vegetable beef soup. He opened the cans of tomatoes, dumped in the frozen and fresh veggies, added all the spices. He stirred it frequently.

After that he wanted to cook even more, so we made that applesauce bread I mentioned earlier in my post about teff flour.

"You stir the batter while I check my soup!"

Then he still wasn't done, so we opened a pomegranate and put all the arils in a bowl.

He said he was going to cook dinner from now on, but I didn't hold him to that promise. Good thing too, because this week he hasn't so much as wanted to get his own cheese from the fridge.



Amy said...

It's so cute when kids want to help with meals - and I LOVE the doughboy on the stove! I'd love to get my hands on one :)

Ms. Moon said...

Precious boy.
Y'all stay cozy.

Corinne said...

What a sweet little guy! Yay for cozy snow days :)

erin said...

Max is my 'cooker'. She is always helping me with dinner and baking.

The other kids only come in the kitchen when they feel the need to push me or whine at me. ;)