Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Looks Like This

When my sweet husband goes grocery shopping, our countertops look like this:

When my son makes valentines, the dining table looks like this:

When he and I make a snowman, it looks like this:

When the kids watch cartoons while sitting on the gold chair that I bought for my dorm in college, it looks like this:

I turned 32 this weekend, and my life looks pretty darn good.



Corinne said...

Happy Birthday :)
Love that your kids snuggle together to watch cartoons, they are adorable!

Ms. Moon said...

Ah. You're still a baby. Happy Valentine's Day to all of your dear family and happy birthday to you!

Carol said...

Your posts just flow with peace and serenity! I love the fruit pic...there's just something about it.

Joany said...

Yes, it does!

Swistle said...

What a fun post idea!