Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Museum Benches

On Friday I took the kids to an art museum.

We spent quite a while eating our lunch on an interesting bench.

That started a bench obsession. I'm not sure they enjoyed the art, but they sure did love the benches!

(Pardon the blurry, yellow nature of the following photographs. I wasn't allowed to use the flash, and I haven't learned how to use the camera well enough to shoot out of auto mode. Much to my husband's chagrin.)

By the end of the visit, instead of saying, "Wow, look at this colorful painting!" I was saying, "Wow, look at the benches in this room!"

Here's a sweet picture to end this post:



Jamie said...

How sweet indeed! Sounds like you always have a wonderful time with your beautiful kids!

Ms. Moon said...

I always love your pictures. Always. And one of these days I will try and figure out how to use my camera too. Maybe.