Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tomato Thief

"Hmmm, bored. What to do?"

"What is this I spy out of the corner of my eye?"

"Tomatoes! I will sneak one."


"Oh, hi mama!"

"I'm caught! I must charm her with my charming ways!"

"Yes! I have succeeded. She is charmed. I shall eat many more tomatoes."



Ms. Moon said...

Darn. She IS a charmer.

Karen said...

She is just so adorable. I love her. I love you whole family!!

Stacia said...

Wow, a child who eats tomatoes ... and not under duress, as evidenced by her precious smiles. I'm jealous! =>

Corinne said...

She cracks me up! :) Paige loves tomatoes as well, almost as much as sliced black olives... oh these girls!

Malissa said...

I love that last wrinkled-nosed smile!! Beautiful!

Erin said...


mamaayanna said...

Oooh so cute!