Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm feeling rather wistful and nostalgic today. Actually that is sort of my normal state of being, but today I'm feeling it more than usual.

One year ago my little girl looked like this:

She wasn't walking yet, and only said a few words. She was practically bald.

One year ago my little boy looked like this:

He was still only 5, and hadn't yet lost any teeth.

He lost another tooth yesterday (his 4th!) and that's probably why I'm feeling this way. He's growing so quickly. We spent 4 hours at his friend's house this afternoon, and the boys spent nearly the whole time collecting sticks and weeds to make a "fire." He's become that big kid you might see at a park or in the woods, busy with his own work.

I've also started thinking about my girl's birthday cake, and she will be two. 2! I sniff her hair, and it smells like nursing baby kittens. I swear, it does! Growing up on the farm we had many, many litters of kittens over the years, and they had a particular newborn cat smell. It smells just like her hair. She had her friend over this morning (yes, it was a busy day!) and at one point they both went upstairs and played with her dollhouse, while her mama and I sat sipping coffee.

These people are growing out of my grasp. They are taking themselves where they want to go.

They are not leaving me behind, but taking me along with them.

It's very happy, but it's still a little sad.



Stacia said...

Some days, you feel like you're just along for the ride, don't you? Even when you want to be steering. It's so hard to let them grow up.

Ms. Moon said...

I know. Kathleen has already suggested that we should put a brick on Owen's head.