Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vacations Past: France

We are getting ready to take a vacation to Florida in a couple weeks! It will be my daughter's first time flying, and her first time to see the ocean. Also her first time to see Mickey Mouse. None of these things are firsts for my son, which got me thinking about the vacations we have taken in the past. I love trips. I love traveling. I love seeing and eating new things. I love city, beach, mountain, woods. I love the planning, the packing, the flying. So I've decided to document some of my past vacations here, starting in reverse order.

The most recent vacation we took was to France in October of 2007. I was 14 weeks pregnant, and starting to show. My son had just turned 4 years old. We took my mother-in-law (Mamaw) with us, which was magnificent. She's fun to have around, and also nearly every evening she stayed in with Walter after he went to sleep, and my guy and I went out. We ate in restaurants, shopped, and walked along streets holding hands. Here are some pictures of our trip. I haven't included many pictures of the major landmarks, because you can find those on google. But here are a few of my favorite, more personal ones.

Not his first flight, but probably the first one he remembers.

Here's Mamaw, standing on the balcony of the apartment we rented.

Street market we came across on our walk to the Eiffel Tower.

I love the way my husband photographs things.

Lunch: duck and fried potatoes

My 4 year old cutie drinking water from a stemmed glass.

I loved the Arc de Triomphe. Here we are sitting under it. It was a very windy fall day.

But fall was the perfect time to go. It was beautiful.

We had a leaf fight in the park.

Here's our gang.

Here we are again, standing in our apartment before leaving for Disney.

It was a really great experience for him.

Pizza we ate after visiting the Pantheon

Another favorite spot was Place des Vosges. It was a peaceful green space with shops and fountains. We visited here after our trip to the cemetery.

It also had a sandbox and playground. We tried to have something kid oriented every single day. But he's pretty easy to please--he likes museums too. (He was bored after a few hours in the Louvre though, so we left.)


Enjoying an Orangina on the steps of the Sacre Coeur.

My lunch after visiting Sacre Coeur. Beef Burgandy. We had ice cream for dessert. I needed all the calories I could get, because we had climbed to the top of the dome of the Sacre Coeur--up a winding and tiny stone staircase. It was exhausting!

He was mighty impressed with Notre Dame.

We all really loved the Rodin Museum. It had fountains and sandboxes right along with the sculptures.

And the sculptures were...whew...breathtaking.

We went to Versailles and saw the palace. But what I remember most about that day was the yummy Ratatouille crepe.

It was a really great vacation and I'm so glad we went. My guy and I both took French in high school and I took more in college, so it was fun to use our rusty skills and talk to the locals.

Another thing that I really love about travel is trying to figure out how to use public transportation. Everything is so new and different from what I know, and it's a good feeling to figure it all out. There was a lot of that going on during this trip, and it was exciting and exhilerating and we did it!



Stacia said...

Vive la France! After reading this, I so need "une (deux?) crepe Nutella avec bananes." Yum! =>

Ms. Moon said...

You've made me want to try to go beyond my safe borders and see and do new things again. It's been so long.
As always- beautiful pictures of a beautiful family and I so hope y'all enjoy Florida. Pack some jackets. It's still coldish.

Corinne said...

Looking at your photos brought back so many memories, I visited many of the same spots when I went my senior year of high school... it was amazing, and we need to find a way to go on a family vacation in Paris ;)

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

I love these photos! It's been years upon years since I visited France - I can't wait to take my kids some day.

My kids call my mom "MaMaw" too! It's how A said Grandma when she first learned to talk - I've never heard anyone else use it!