Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vacations Past: Italy

Once upon a time, we went to Italy.

My guy and I had always wanted to go. Bee was 6 months old. I planned the whole trip while sitting at my computer with a nursing baby on a boppy pillow in my lap.

As with the post about our trip to France, I don't feel the need to show the pictures of the landmarks we visited. So here are some of the more personal photos.

This little guy's first flight. It was really fun to travel with a baby!

We started our trip in Florence. We arrived starving, and here we are at our first Italian restaurant. We didn't know how to order yet though, and we ended up with only a small appetizer each. We learned quickly!

By the door to our hotel

The hotel had a bidet and a toilet, and both pulled out from the wall, and folded up when out of use.

We took a day trip to Pisa. We met a lovely couple from Hong Kong on the train, and they enjoyed playing with our baby. It was so fun to travel with a baby.

Pisa was one of our very favorite places. It had a small town feel. I felt like I could live there and fit right in. A window washer stopped us to say that our son looks very much like his father.

A nun stopped us to look at our baby. Have I mentioned it was fun to travel with a baby?

Pisa also had a restaurant called Filippo's, where we ate twice because we loved it so much. Filippo himself showed us his oven.

On the way back to Florence, we met more lovely people on the train. These ladies were very eager to hold him. They also kept shouting at anyone who came through our train car and left the door open. "Scusi!" It was loud and they didn't want the passersby to wake the baby.

Next we went to Rome.

He slept through our whole visit to the Colosseum.

Oh man, this was good gelato.

I nursed anywhere and everywhere.

His dada wore him a lot too.

The Bjorn was a good place for the little guy to get some rest.

The pizza of my dreams.

It was a really great experience, and I hold it in my heart as one of my favorite memories. It was this trip that inspired me to travel more and see our world. I hope to do a lot of that in my life.


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Ms. Moon said...

Wow! You were so brave and look how well it turned out!
And Bee- oh my God! He looked exactly the same as a baby as he does now!
Lovely pictures.