Monday, June 28, 2010

Direct Quote

This evening my son was walking in from the backyard, and he said, "Thank God that's a leaf! I thought it was a pterodactyl head."


Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Room!

You guys, major progress is happening on the new room. My man has been working on it very hard for months, but that work wasn't as visible as the work of the past few days. I hear him hammering right this second, so I want to post some pictures and give him some glory. He works so hard.

His dad and my dad came to help. Here they are sawing off the old roof and trusses.

The back wall is on! I'm going to love that nice big window.

This little one likes to help. My knees cringe whenever I see him way up there.

It takes a lot of sweat to build a room. A lot of old, holey shirts too. My major contribution is trying to keep up with this laundry.

The front wall is on too!

Here's another view of the back.

Hooray for progress!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pools and Popsicles

Our pool is open! The skunks are finally gone, and we have been enjoying our backyard again. Lots of swimming time, and a whole box of popsicles in, summer is here. For a kid, not much is better than a popsicle after a swim.

Oh, these two!

She calls them "pokisles."

Blue popsicle, blue eyes. He is still growing his hair. He is also
tucking in his shirts these days. I love how he chooses his own style.

Those top two teeth have begun to descend.
Once they're in, it's big kid from here on out.

Tomorrow = zoo.

Friday = a bunch of people coming over to help us (By us, I mean my husband.) take the roof off the garage and begin to put up walls and a new roof. Suddenly the new room feels real! Take a look at my driveway:

My guy did the framing of that wall tonight. He's a machine, that guy.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things She Says

I love the way my toddler speaks. The way she says words is so funny and charming. Here are some examples, recorded here so I can look back later and remember.

-I yuv you = I love you

-nakpin = napkin

-weep = sleep

-toats = toast

-doghouse = dollhouse

-evant = elephant

-dunk = skunk (By the way, we still have baby skunks in our yard. ARG!)

-drampy = grampy

-yide = slide (or lately, suh-lide, which makes me sad that she's no longer going to say yide.)

-birsty = thirsty

-brrlocky = broccoli

-mook - milk

-banbain = band-aid

-dis = sit

-yap = lap

Whenever she has a pain or an ouchy place somewhere, she calls it a bellyache. It's not unusual to hear her say, "I have a bellyache in mine arm." or "My knee has a bellyache." Today she had a bellyache in her arm, and I asked her if she bumped it. She said, "No, I just need a blankie on it."

She is generous with compliments. Several times a day she says things like, "I yuv yours pretty, pretty arms."

We are having a sweet day together. We went to the doughnut shop for breakfast. We have played doghouse and blocks, and have read lots of books. We can sit on the couch for half an hour, sharing a snack and chatting.

I'm going to cut some watermelon for us. It's sunny and hot, so I think we'll eat it on the front porch.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


I love my son's mind. He was out front playing, and rushed into the house to grab the camera shouting, "You HAVE to see this! I created something!"

When I went out, this is what I saw:

He really likes having building materials around.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Before We're All Up

There was a thunderstorm last night. It was so loud and so close. I woke up and looked at my daughter sleeping next to me. I wondered how she could sleep through that noise. I put my hand on her belly and waited to feel the rise and fall. I felt it, and relaxed. Then I realized my husband was out of bed. So I got up and peeked into my son's room, and he too was sleeping and breathing. I found my guy, he had gotten up to adjust the tarp over the room add-on project.

So everyone was safe.

Everyone is safe.

Things always seem sort of crazy in the middle of the night.

But now it's morning. One of us is at work, one of us is still asleep, and two of us are here in this room trying to stay quiet enough not to wake the sleeping one.

The rain is gone now, but the ground is still wet. I wonder what we'll do. My new book club book finally arrived. I have 10 days to read it, which should be easy enough because it's pretty short. The book for this month is All New People by Anne Lamott. I have read other books by her and really liked them, so I have high expectations for this book.

So I'll probably try to read a bit, and I know for sure that we'll go out to observe the birds in the garage. Because the construction has left many small entrances, a mama bird found her way in and has built a nest on our electrical box.

Can you see the nest?

We have to stand on a ladder to peer into the nest, but there are some very new babies inside. Last night we watched the mama bird return with something in her mouth for them. Here is the worst picture I've ever taken, but perhaps you can make out the babies in the nest.

My husband said the flash was in manual mode, but I don't know a thing about that.

It's peaceful to watch the birds and listen to their tiny chirps.

It reminds me of my life, with my tiny little children chirping for a snack, some water, a hug.

I wonder if the baby birds slept through the storm too.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet, Funny Girl

This video makes me laugh every time I see it. I love the way she looks up and to the left as she's trying to remember what letter comes next, and then runs off laughing.



We have been reading this library book a lot lately:

It really appeals to both kids, and to me too because I love the way the whole family helps out with the chores. My son has come to identify with the little boy, and loves his overalls. Yesterday he asked me if he could have some overalls too.

So we went to Goodwill. It must have been a miracle, because aside from the baby clothes, there was only one pair of overalls, and they were his size. He wore them yesterday evening, and loves them so much he is now sleeping in them. He said, "I love the way I look when I wear these pants."

I do too, cutie.

I let her pick out an outfit too. This is what she chose:

She clutched the shorts the whole ride home, and cried when I put them in the laundry.

Goodwill success!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

People, There Is A Skunk In My Yard

It's true. Two nights ago my husband and I were happy because both kids were in bed and I was making funnel cakes for us to enjoy. We were watching them sizzle in the oil, and then my guy looked out the window and saw a mama skunk carrying a baby skunk in her mouth. They were heading towards our deck. He ran and pounded on the back door to try to scare them away, but the skunk just ran under a different deck instead.

Our son heard the pounding and came down to see what was happening. He was so, so excited and nervous. We came upstairs to keep a vigil by the window, and when the mama came out to get another baby, my guy opened the window again and tried to scare them away. That didn't go so well, as evidenced by the following pictures.

Skunk butts are yucky.

The house smelled horrible that night. You know how you drive past a skunk that's been hit by a car? Well, there was that smell, but also a very pungent underlying smell that was stronger and stuck in the back of my throat. I lit 6 scented candles and sprayed a tissue with perfume so I could sniff that when it got too bad. It's terrible, but hilarious too.

By the next morning, the smell was much better. Or I was just numb to it. We hired a trapper to come, and he set 3 traps baited with powdered sugar donuts. As soon as the skunks show up in the traps, we are to call him and he will take them far, far away from here and release them. This morning I eagerly peered out the window, but the traps are still empty.

We don't dare go into the backyard, but it's rainy here today anyway.

I wonder how bad my house smells today. I think I have olfactory fatigue.