Sunday, June 6, 2010


We have been reading this library book a lot lately:

It really appeals to both kids, and to me too because I love the way the whole family helps out with the chores. My son has come to identify with the little boy, and loves his overalls. Yesterday he asked me if he could have some overalls too.

So we went to Goodwill. It must have been a miracle, because aside from the baby clothes, there was only one pair of overalls, and they were his size. He wore them yesterday evening, and loves them so much he is now sleeping in them. He said, "I love the way I look when I wear these pants."

I do too, cutie.

I let her pick out an outfit too. This is what she chose:

She clutched the shorts the whole ride home, and cried when I put them in the laundry.

Goodwill success!



Ms. Moon said...

Ha! I am wearing some of my Goodwill overalls right this second!
And we always loved the Smalls. I can't wait to share them with Owen.
Tell Bee that I love him in his overalls and that overalls make us all feel good.

Carol said...

Glad you found the overalls! Great Goodwill finds! I would love to meet these cute kiddos one of these days!

Lora said...

Ms. Moon, I knew you would approve! We do love the Small books. Fireman Small makes me scratch my head though, because it has all the family members rushing into the house to bring out the furniture and save it, and then a few pages later they realize, oh dear, that one of the kids is stuck upstairs! :-p
I'll pass along your message.

Carol, it would be wonderful to get together some day! Sorry we won't be there on the 19th.

Natalie said...

He looks like a farmer, just like his grandpa! Your dad would be so proud!

Elizabeth said...

I'm here through Ms. Moon's blog -- your children are adorable. My boys loved the Small books, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm also throug ms moons blog, and as you can see from my blog, I also love overalls and I hope soon my grandson will get some so he can help me in my garden this summer !:) I have to look into that small books, even if we live here in Scandinavia ! overall greetings from Niels aka bibprofessor / granddad

Erin said...

I love the overalls...funny that they are associated with farmers since I've never seen dad wearing

Insane Lugia said...

Hehe, I can't find any overalls that fit me in any goodwill stores. I need a size 44 - 46 waste and they usually range from 32 - 36. I would be so happy to find some. I'm 23 and haven't had overalls since I was 14 and I really miss wearing them! I've always loved overalls when growing up.