Wednesday, June 2, 2010

People, There Is A Skunk In My Yard

It's true. Two nights ago my husband and I were happy because both kids were in bed and I was making funnel cakes for us to enjoy. We were watching them sizzle in the oil, and then my guy looked out the window and saw a mama skunk carrying a baby skunk in her mouth. They were heading towards our deck. He ran and pounded on the back door to try to scare them away, but the skunk just ran under a different deck instead.

Our son heard the pounding and came down to see what was happening. He was so, so excited and nervous. We came upstairs to keep a vigil by the window, and when the mama came out to get another baby, my guy opened the window again and tried to scare them away. That didn't go so well, as evidenced by the following pictures.

Skunk butts are yucky.

The house smelled horrible that night. You know how you drive past a skunk that's been hit by a car? Well, there was that smell, but also a very pungent underlying smell that was stronger and stuck in the back of my throat. I lit 6 scented candles and sprayed a tissue with perfume so I could sniff that when it got too bad. It's terrible, but hilarious too.

By the next morning, the smell was much better. Or I was just numb to it. We hired a trapper to come, and he set 3 traps baited with powdered sugar donuts. As soon as the skunks show up in the traps, we are to call him and he will take them far, far away from here and release them. This morning I eagerly peered out the window, but the traps are still empty.

We don't dare go into the backyard, but it's rainy here today anyway.

I wonder how bad my house smells today. I think I have olfactory fatigue.



Caitlin Wray said...

Well... you COULD look at the silver skunky lining, and use this as an opportunity to experience the type of sensory overload our spd kids go through all the time - where ordinary smells we hardly notice strike them as noxious and intolerable and meltdown worthy - like a visit from that nasty little skunk butt.



Caitlin Wray said...

Oh, and by the way, I'm hosting a Q&A with Chynna Laird (author of a kids SPD book) along with a giveaway, and was wondering if you'd be interested in paricipating in the Q&A by submitting a few questions for Chynna to answer in the blog post. Let me know if it sounds like something you'd like to do (use the contactr button on my blog).


anna pologina said...

I hope its alright. My problem skunks in the yard