Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pools and Popsicles

Our pool is open! The skunks are finally gone, and we have been enjoying our backyard again. Lots of swimming time, and a whole box of popsicles in, summer is here. For a kid, not much is better than a popsicle after a swim.

Oh, these two!

She calls them "pokisles."

Blue popsicle, blue eyes. He is still growing his hair. He is also
tucking in his shirts these days. I love how he chooses his own style.

Those top two teeth have begun to descend.
Once they're in, it's big kid from here on out.

Tomorrow = zoo.

Friday = a bunch of people coming over to help us (By us, I mean my husband.) take the roof off the garage and begin to put up walls and a new roof. Suddenly the new room feels real! Take a look at my driveway:

My guy did the framing of that wall tonight. He's a machine, that guy.



Ms. Moon said...

Again- I love your beautiful family.

Corinne said...

They are too cute!!! :) Love the popscicle faces!

Carol said...

Love their sweet little faces! What is it about getting out of the pool and having a popsicle...we do the same around here! :-)

Caitlin Wray said...

I just love your writing style Lora, it's like an afternoon lullabye :)