Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Room!

You guys, major progress is happening on the new room. My man has been working on it very hard for months, but that work wasn't as visible as the work of the past few days. I hear him hammering right this second, so I want to post some pictures and give him some glory. He works so hard.

His dad and my dad came to help. Here they are sawing off the old roof and trusses.

The back wall is on! I'm going to love that nice big window.

This little one likes to help. My knees cringe whenever I see him way up there.

It takes a lot of sweat to build a room. A lot of old, holey shirts too. My major contribution is trying to keep up with this laundry.

The front wall is on too!

Here's another view of the back.

Hooray for progress!



Corinne said...

That window!!! Wow :) It's going to be wonderful!

Caitlin Wray said...

I cannot believe you guys are building onto your second floor by yourselves! I am in awe. We just hired people to build our DECK! Is there an easier structure to build than a deck? I can't wait to see your finished project :)


Myssie said...

WOW!! That is awesome!