Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things She Says

I love the way my toddler speaks. The way she says words is so funny and charming. Here are some examples, recorded here so I can look back later and remember.

-I yuv you = I love you

-nakpin = napkin

-weep = sleep

-toats = toast

-doghouse = dollhouse

-evant = elephant

-dunk = skunk (By the way, we still have baby skunks in our yard. ARG!)

-drampy = grampy

-yide = slide (or lately, suh-lide, which makes me sad that she's no longer going to say yide.)

-birsty = thirsty

-brrlocky = broccoli

-mook - milk

-banbain = band-aid

-dis = sit

-yap = lap

Whenever she has a pain or an ouchy place somewhere, she calls it a bellyache. It's not unusual to hear her say, "I have a bellyache in mine arm." or "My knee has a bellyache." Today she had a bellyache in her arm, and I asked her if she bumped it. She said, "No, I just need a blankie on it."

She is generous with compliments. Several times a day she says things like, "I yuv yours pretty, pretty arms."

We are having a sweet day together. We went to the doughnut shop for breakfast. We have played doghouse and blocks, and have read lots of books. We can sit on the couch for half an hour, sharing a snack and chatting.

I'm going to cut some watermelon for us. It's sunny and hot, so I think we'll eat it on the front porch.



Ms. Moon said...

She is pure, sweet love. I'm glad you are writing all of this down. Funny how much you forget- funny how much you remember. When I offer someone coffee I always have an urge to say, "Foffee?" because my oldest would say that to me when we played with his play cups. "Foffee?" "Yes, thank-you. I would love some foffee."

Lora said...

Foffee! That's adorable. Some of my kids' phrases have been adopted as family dialect. We all say "eeps" instead of "oops" because my son said that as a toddler. I am glad I'm recording it too, but I wish I was writing even more down. The problem is just finding time to do that when they keep me so busy.