Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lora Loves: Puddle Jumpers

 We've been spending about 4 hours a day in the pool since purchasing these new life vests. Wearing them, the kids are almost completely independent, which means I have my hands free to enjoy swimming as well.

Here, I'll let the pictures tell you about it.

At first he was worried it wouldn't hold him up. But it did!

The water is 4.5 feet deep, and he can't touch.

She is not so cautious, and took off right away, as if she'd been swimming for years.

Just look at this! She's only two!

In other news, we had friends over last night. They stayed until after 1 in the morning. I love sitting up talking, snacking, reminiscing. We even played our old original nintendo. They have 3 kids, and all the children stayed up too, playing together. It was a strange feeling when all the kids went off together to play, even the littlest. Us grownups actually had plenty of time to talk! There is stamp ink smeared on my counter, playdough on the floor, and toys are everywhere. Dishes are piled high. But my heart is full and happy.



Ms. Moon said...

Those vests would make me feel safer too. Sounds like a lovely summer right now for you. I'm glad you had friends over. I'm sorry children amuse themselves so messily.

Corinne said...

Those vests look incredible! I might have to look into them for the kids (we have a pool in our complex, but I won't take the kids by myself even though Fynn can stand in the shallow end...)
Looks like so much fun :)

Amy said...

We have a puddle jumper for Eric also, such a wonderful invention. Every mama I've heard of who gets one has nothing but rave reviews for them!