Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten Great Things About My Daughter

1. She brushes my hair.

2. When we walk out of a store, she says, "Let's go to another store!"

3. She will randomly walk up to me and say, "It's okay mama, it's okay." and pat my arm.

4. She spends her park time going up ladders and down slides.

5. She writes in squiggly spirals.

6. She likes to "read" books to me. They are all the same story. It goes like this:

7. She is very, very funny and has a great laugh.

8. She entertains me with tricks, like jumping off the couch.

9. This video:

10. She has a huge heart. Huge.



Corinne said...

Laughing at the nakey tricks! :) So cute!
(Paige does little spirals as well when she's drawing, so different than the big bold scribbles that Fynn does!!) :)

Ms. Moon said...

She is too beautiful for words.

Crazy Sister said...

She sounds like fun! Love your chaise lounge in the background. Hope you melodramatically faint onto it every so often (it seems to need it).

Joany said...

That child is one of my favorites for sure!